Tuesday, February 14, 2006

This Blog

I don't particularly like the title of this blog, but I hate coming up with names for things like this. I feel like everyone else on the internet has better ideas than I do, and I just can't seem to think of a brief phrase that sums me up without sounding trite or sappy or overdone. So, I have settled on "Who is Jule Ann?" for the time being. Maybe, if I ever really figure out who Jule Ann is, I will change that title, but there will forever be a record of it here in the archives of past posts, as a reminder of how uncreative I once was not.

And yes, there are ads on this blog. It's more an experiment than anything else. I'm really curious about how the whole blog ad thing works, and I figured, what better way to find out than to actually try it? I expect that I won't have nearly enough visitors to make even the $10 minimum that you have to make in order for Google to actually write you a check, but trying it seemed like the only way to find out. And, believe it or not, I actually like Google ads. Basically, the Google spider scans the words on my page and puts up ads that match the content of my posts, which means that if you find the content of my post interesting, you might actually be interested in what the ads have to offer. For example, right now, pretty much all of my blog content is about blogging, so my Google ads are mostly about blogging resources. I'm having to consciously restrain myself from clicking on the ones I find interesting because I'm not supposed to have any clicks originate from my own IP address.

Besides, if for some random reason my blog becomes extremely popular one day, no one can accuse me of selling out, because I had ads in my blog all along, I was never not a sell-out!

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Kate said...

Jule Ann! I have a Blogger account, too. I haven't told the world about it because it's a little cheesy. But, I'm commenting here...so maybe people will find it.