Friday, February 17, 2006

The Friday Fie*

1. The RIAA: In a recent submission, the RIAA claimed that making copies of CDs that one purchased legally does not constitute fair use. Not only is this counter-intuitive, but it flies in the face of existing copyright law, not to mention the basic laws of personal ownership. (Actually, the list of organizations who jointly submitted this ridiculous claim also includes the SAG and the MPAA, so fie on them as well!)

2. Valentine's Day Treats: Okay, this is more of a half-hearted fie, because they are so darned good, but there are TWO teachers living in this house, and we had barely finished eating all of the candies and cookies and squares that they received from their students for Christmas, and then they arrived home with a fresh load of diet-devastating goodies again this week!

3. My Lack of Self-Discipline: (see #2)

4. Unemployment: I hate feeling useless and unwanted, and that just about sums up what it feels like to be unemployed.

5. Love Handles: (see #3)

Fie upon them all!

*Five things that I currently deem worthy of disdain or disapproval of Shakespearean proportions. (Thanks to Heather for the concept!)

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