Wednesday, April 10, 2013

HADA 2013: Days 9 and 10

Day 9

We were out of the house from 9:30 am to 9:30 pm. Nothing HADA-related was accomplished. But we got to see some good friends from our old neighborhood, ran through a sprinkler, and ate at the grandparents' house for dinner, so it was a good day. I have no regrets.

Day 10

I decided to tackle one of my most dreaded tasks today: Life Administration. I figured out where Valerie's new bedding was (on its way back to the sender, because FedEx thought we had moved out - boo!), and managed to get a replacement set sent for free (yay!). Aside: has awesome customer service AND a chat interface to boot (much easier with two busy kids underfoot than making phone calls). I called the school and had them send a kindergarten registration packet for Valerie. And I sent a few necessary emails. Then I hooked up the Wii, because the girls have been asking to play it ever since I set it up but didn't plug it in. (I thought I was going to have to move the whole entertainment center to reach the plugs, but I got creative and just moved the TV to the side and crawled through the TV hole, instead.) Total: About 20 minutes.

Then we piled into the car to meet up with a friend who was loaning us some gardening equipment. We were a few minutes late getting out the door, then we missed the turn and ended up on the highway instead, and got stuck on the highway for five miles until we got to the next town to turn around. *sigh* But, our friend was kind enough to drive the tools into town and drop them off on our porch while we were unintentionally touring the countryside. So, when we got home, we tackled our next task: digging up the side garden to get it ready for planting. We raked up what we could, then discovered how dry and packed the earth was, so I decided to give it a good soaking before starting to pull weeds. I hooked up the hose, which seems to have lost an O-ring in the move, and leaks. I tried to kludge it with some plastic wrap, but without much success. Next time, I will see if it helps to attach the shorter hose to the spigot, to put the leaky joint between the hoses, rather than at the spigot. We'll see. Or maybe I can buy an O-ring. We made a dent, I got the ground wet, then went inside for lunch. Total: About 20 minutes.

After lunch, we went to the library for story time, then tried to play at the park, but didn't last too long, because it was too hot, and the girls were thirsty. This is amusing to me, because last week, we tried to play at the park after story time, but didn't last long, because it was too cold. After we got back, we played in the girls' room for a while, which is on the north side of the house, and has darkening shades, so it keeps pretty cool. Then I put Dody down for a nap, set Valerie up with my computer, and went back outside to dig in the garden a bit more. I still don't have a big shovel, but one of the things Karen had loaned me was a little trowel, and I decided to get down and dirty and see how much progress I could make with that. I thought sitting and digging small amounts of dirt was probably a better pace for a pregnant lady, anyhow. The first few feet went pretty easily, then I hit a couple of bigger plants with elaborate root systems that just kept going and going and going. I finally had to give up on them for today. I'm hoping for a good soaking rain tonight to I can pull them out a bit easier tomorrow. Total: About 50 minutes.

Garden raked, the part I dug up is at the far end.

The part I dug up, and one of the two plants whose roots stopped me in my tracks (the other one is mostly gone, but the roots are still going). Probably a boring picture - it's just dirt - but I wanted to track my progress. I suppose I could take a picture of my blister - would that be more or less boring?

I'm writing this at 5:30 pm, so there is theoretically still time for more HADA, but I'm pretty confident that I won't be doing much this evening other than nothing. If, for some bizarre reason, I get motivated and tackle any more tasks, I'll count them for tomorrow.

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