Saturday, April 13, 2013

HADA 2013: Day 13

Today was pretty good. I tackled the remaining bathroom boxes, and everything is FINALLY put away. I'm not 100% happy with where everything is, but at least it's not in boxes on the floor anymore. I purged a bit as I went along, which was good, too. I scrubbed out the baby bath that we use as toy storage, and put the bath toys in it.

Then Jer went to the store to buy me a big shovel for the garden, and when he got back, I tackled the big shrubs (which were relatively easy to get up once I had the right tool!) Then, I had a bit of momentum, so I kept going for another hour. I'm almost ready to start planting things, now, and I'm getting pretty excited! Frankly, I'm not sure I should get to count gardening for HADA any more, because I am starting to really like it. It helped that I only had one kid out there with me today. Maybe I should make that a habit.

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