Saturday, April 13, 2013

HADA 2013: Days 11 and 12

Day 11

So, after I said I wouldn't do anything else on Wednesday night, I remembered that it was garbage day on Thursday, and we still had no trash can. So, I begrudgingly went to the store and bought a trash can, so I could actually take some of the growing pile of trash on our porch to the curb. I also bought a couple of those cheap curtain rods to put the thermal curtains up on the third floor. So, that counts for Thursday.

I took the girls to the side garden with me in the morning so we could all dig together. This didn't end up being the fun activity that I had been hoping for, since all Valerie wanted to do was whine, and all Dorothy wanted to do was eat/throw dirt. I wasn't planning on counting this for HADA, since "do something with the girls" is a normal morning activity, but sticking it out for an hour and a half in spite of the whining and dirt-eating ought to count for something. Maybe half-HADA?

While Dorothy was napping, Valerie and I went upstairs to hang curtains. We got three of the four hung, then Valerie kneeled on a sharp nail (that I had asked her to put in the trash, but she decided to "save" for some reason), and we had to retreat for some first aid.

I think I did something else on Thursday, but Friday kindof eclipsed it, and I don't really remember the rest of the day.

Day 12

The plan for Friday was to go to the park in the morning, then go to the mall in Exton to have lunch and play at the play area for a bit, then go grocery shopping, then get Daddy from the earlier train (he can catch the train an hour earlier if he goes to Exton). But it was raining, so we had to cancel the park. And everyone was being crazy. And playing at the play area went mostly okay, but lunch at the mall was a disaster, and we never made it to the grocery store, and we just went straight to the train station and waited in the car for Daddy, watching DVDs. Pretty much, Friday sucked.

I did get one small HADA task accomplished before the day fell apart completely. I started organizing the laundry room, and I discovered a whole, huge closet full of empty shelves! I had known there was some kind of closet there, but I hadn't opened it, and I had assumed it was just a small broom closet of some kind. I put away all the cleaning supplies and started trying to hang my over-door ironing board, but couldn't find the hardware (which is no doubt in another box somewhere - we still have so many boxes to unpack!). I had plans to do more, but, then, well, the rest of the day happened.

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Think ing of you! Love the updates!