Thursday, August 11, 2011

Eight Months Old!


Dear Dorothy,

You are eight months old, now!

Someday, you'll look back and read these letters, and I'll wish I hadn't apologized for writing them all late, because otherwise you'd never know. So, yeah, today is TOTALLY June 20th.

This month was an eventful one for you in the milestone department. On May 29, you did your first real hands-and-knees crawl across the room to get to a stuffed monkey.

On June 3, your first tooth started to break through. Several times throughout the day, you would spontaneously burst into tears, which broke my heart, because you are normally the world's happiest baby. I couldn't really get a picture of it, though, because your new favorite thing to do is to stick your tongue out to feel your new tooth.


One June 5, you pulled yourself up to a sitting position, and, at some point around the time you started crawling, you also started pulling up on things. So, basically, you are fully mobile, now, and you get into EVERYTHING. You also fall down and bump your head a lot, but you're pretty resilient.

2011-06-08 17.54.06

This month, we took a road trip to Buffalo for my cousin's wedding. (More about the road trip here: June Road Trip Photo Post.)


We also visited with my friend Nicole, who has 6 kids (one of whom is only 2 days younger than you).


Right after we got back from our road trip, the Kings came to visit us, and we went to the zoo together.


And that was our crazy whirlwind month. Here we are, JUNE 20th, and you're a month bigger, a month more mobile, a month more food-eating-fiend, and a month more adorable. I love you, my little Dody Doe!



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