Monday, August 01, 2011

Surreal Mama Moment

Every morning, when Valerie wakes up, she opens her door and calls for me from the doorway. Click of door handle, creak of door, "Mama!" I listen for this as my morning ritual.

This morning, after putting Dorothy down for an early morning nap, I heard the familiar, "Mama!" call, but not the preceding door noises. I wondered why she had called to me before opening the door. And how did I hear her so clearly through the closed door?

Just as I was about to open her closed door to see what was wrong, I heard Dorothy crawling around in my bed. Awake from her nap after only ten minutes. She can say "Mama" so clearly now, that I mistook it for her sister!

Nine months old and already messing with Mama's head. I'm doomed when they learn to conspire!

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