Friday, August 08, 2008

Welcome, Valerie Jeanne!

Dear Internet,

I'm sorry it has taken me so long to post this ever-so-momentous news. I was hoping to write up a nice long entry about the whole experience, but I have found myself to suddenly have very little time for such things. In the meantime, here are some very brief details that I wrote a couple of days ago for an email announcement. If I don't fall asleep immediately after posting this, I might just be able to post an update on her progress since then.

Mama Jule Ann.

Welcome, Valerie Jeanne!
Born August 5, 2008 at 1:06 pm (37w 1d)
7lbs 5 oz. 20" long

I was induced on Monday morning because of some weird liver thing that apparently is only an issue if the baby goes all the way to 40 weeks. After 28 hours of prostaglandins doing practically nothing other than making me feel icky, a strong contraction or kick from the baby broke the water and labor suddenly started. That was about 11:45 am. Valerie popped out at 1:06 pm. I sustained a lovely third degree tear, which required something like 700 stitches. I am doing alright, though. Valerie was checked into the NICU because of some rapid breathing and fluid in her lungs, but she is doing light years better today, and they even let me start nursing her today. I'm praying that they don't keep her too long after I am discharged tomorrow, because it's a 45-minute commute to the hospital. Besides, she is soooo much happier in Mama's arms than in that incubator thing!

Valerie and Mama immediately after birth
Valerie and Mama

Sleeping in the NICU
Valerie's first day

The last belly shot (37 weeks even)
37 weeks belly

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jd said...

Just so you know, a few of your more literal relatives thought 700 stitches was alarming!