Friday, August 15, 2008

Baby Contest Results

So, I somehow managed to find the time today to tally the results of the baby contest. The winner is Michael Everett. He guessed the gender, length, and first name correctly, which is more correct guesses than anyone else.

Some kind of prize of some sort will be in the mail to you at some point. I promise.

Honorable mention goes to Kristin Everett, who came closer to the early delivery date than anyone else, and to Rhonda Kendall, who came closest to the delivery time (almost everyone else seemed to think that I would deliver in the middle of the night). Laurie Carson came within 3 oz of the birth weight, and Christy Shea's weight guess was actually Valerie's discharge weight (6lb 9oz). You guys all win the pride and joy of knowing that you won something. Congratulations!

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