Thursday, August 14, 2008

No more glow baby!

So, the pediatrician just called me, and since Valerie's bilirubins have come down 2 whole points since yesterday morning, they have instructed me to take her off the wallaby! Yay! As long as her numbers don't go insanely high tomorrow, then she will stay off the wallaby and the nurses won't have to come prick her poor, little heel anymore. Double yay! I'm going to celebrate by feeding her on the other end of the couch.

On Sunday, during one of Valerie's feedings, it dawned on me that the three bili goats gruff should no longer be the heroes of their story. I wove her an elaborate tale of mean, nasty bili goats who were greedy and wanted to steal the nice, green grass from the sweet, vegetarian troll, who was just trying to nap under his bridge, and they kept interrupting him with their trip tropping and trickery. He would have been happy to share, if only they had asked nicely. Jeremy was disturbed by the fact that my troll had fertilized the green, green grass with his own poop, but he was a vegetarian, so it was completely organic and natural! (Do not underestimate the power of becoming a mother when it comes to shifting ones focus almost entirely to bodily functions.)

Thanks to everyone for all of your kind emails and well-wishes and prayers. We're not out of the water yet, but we can see the light at the end of the tunnel, through the clearing cloud of mixed metaphors. Or something like that. And, just a friendly reminder that, when you click on the ads on my blog, I actually get money. It's like buying tiny, little presents for Valerie with the click of a mouse!

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