Thursday, July 24, 2008


Four posts in one day? What can I say, I guess I'm making up for lost time.

There is almost exactly one month left until Auggie's estimated due date, so I figured it was finally time to post the details of the baby date contest. The cut-off for entries will be whenever I go into labor, so get your entries in sooner rather than later, because no one knows exactly when that will be!

Here's what you have to do:

1. Copy and paste the ballot below into an email. Fill in your answers.
2. Email your answers to me at my account, which is juleannwakeman.
3. There is no contest entry fee, but there will be some kind of a prize. I'm not saying what it is yet, because I haven't decided. Maybe it will be some coffee from Starbucks. Maybe it will be the placenta.* Who knows, we'll see what kind of a mood I'm in.
4. If you have any questions that you think might help you to figure out your answers, like what kind of food I'm craving or whatever, then post them in the comments here. I will probably answer them, unless I think the answers are none of your business.

A few details:
-My EDD is August 25, or August 24 if you correct for leap day.
-I only had one ultrasound done, at 21 weeks, and Auggie was measuring the right size (about 2 days bigger than gestational age, which is no real difference at 21 weeks).
-I don't know the gender, so if you think I have slipped by calling Auggie he or she at some point, it doesn't mean anything.
-At my last appointment, my belly was measuring exactly what it was supposed to measure (34 cm at 34 weeks).

*It won't be the placenta. I promise.


Date of birth?
Time of birth?
Baby's length?
Baby's weight?

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Ally said...

ha! i'm first! and these are sheerly guesses, lol

Gender? male
Date of birth? 08.20.08
Time of birth? 8:46pm
Baby's length? 21.3 inches
Baby's weight? 8 pounds 7 ounces
Name? James Rolland Wakeman