Thursday, September 07, 2006

Word Association

Saved by the bell. I was just starting to worry about my blogging delinquency, and wracking my brain for something to blog about, when Scott tagged me for a word association game. That's a whole entry's worth of content without resorting to writing about snakes carrying toothpaste on a plane!

Here are the five words I was assigned, followed by the first word that popped into my mind when I read them.

  • Kumquat - Florida

  • Gobbledygook - Harry Potter

  • Lollygag - umbrella

  • Diphthong - threat

  • Masticate - Mr. Sutherland

Wow. My brain is a strange place. And, like Scott, I seem to have leaned heavily on the proper nouns. In Ms. Rowling's defense, however, I think my Harry Potter association has more to do with the word gobbledygook sounding like a word she would use than my general impression of her books, which I find very non-gobbledygooky.

The second half of the word association game involves me offering five other bloggers the prime opportunity to write an entry without thinking too much. So here are five new words for you to associate:

  • aluminum - ?

  • braid - ?

  • claustrophobia - ?

  • dumpling - ?

  • elevator - ?

And, without further ado, here are the five bloggers I am tagging to associate these five words:

And of course, in the true spirit of memey games, these five bloggers must post their word association results in their journals, and then pass the torch along to five more bloggers, and those five to five more, until EVERYONE IN THE WORLD HAS BLOGGED ABOUT WORD ASSOCIATION AND BILL GATES WILL BUY THEM ALL DINNER AT APPLEBY'S!!! Or something like that, anyhow. Have fun!


Kate said...

Hey Jule Ann! Thanks for offering to help me move, but I have a plan. My friend Sarah is coming to visit me in November, so if there's anything I can't fit, she's going to bring it then.

And...I've never been tagged before. Excellent!

Anonymous said...

JuleAnn has friends that love her!


Christy're said...

I did it! But I could only think of one blogger to tag who would do it...

Superfun Friday words!

kate said...

Jule Ann, is it too late to take back my negatory answer to your offer of help in moving? The idea of leaving stuff behind and expecting someone to bring it to me is making me more and more frantic and I am positive that I won't be able to fit everything in my car while and still drive or even sit in the driver's seat.

Unfortunately, this is a beggarly request because I cannot afford to reimburse you for gas or the $8 in tolls that are required between my place and Princeton, but I would be glad to treat you to lunch and a tour of beautiful Princeton with a promise to offer any help I can to you in the future!

If you're still able and willing to help, you can email me at [deleted] or call me at [deleted].

Jule Ann said...

Yay, thanks for making me feel loved!

disa said...