Wednesday, September 27, 2006

A Panoply of Partial Posts

The moon tonight was big and low and crescenty and beautiful.

People were driving like maniacs tonight.

I bought my first-ever Victoria's Secret bra last week with a gift card. It gave me welts.

I discovered an Italian market the other day, minutes from my house and on the way home from work. They make delicious canolis. I was surprised that no one had mentioned this place to me before, and I went on to have this conversation, almost word for word, with every single member of Jeremy's family:
"Hey, did you know there is an Italian market that sells amazing canolis only a few minutes from here?"
"Really? Where?"
"At the corner of X, next to the gas station."
"Oh yeah, Sam's!"
I wonder what other treasures they don't know they are hiding from me?

I am watching the recap episode of Lost right now! Only one more week until the season premiere! Hoozah!

Yesterday, I had one of those afternoons that reminded me that life really isn't so bad; lying in a hammock in the backyard while my husband read to me, laughing together at the funny bits.

I've invented a brilliant new tool for teaching touch-typing. A keyboard with letters that rub off after they have been pressed a certain number of times. So, letters like 'E' and 'A' and 'N' will wear off first, which makes sense, because you should learn the common letters first, anyhow. Of course, I would probably have to give Toshiba some of the credit for my invention, because they unintentionally invented it first. Those exact letters are completely missing from my laptop keyboard.


Jon said...

try wearing the bra instead of the gift card. that might solve your welt problem.

Kate said...

I really need to find a few Losties to watch with...