Monday, September 18, 2006

Two Shorts

I needed work clothes, so I threw in a load of darks. When the wash finished, I didn't have time for a full dryer cycle, so I threw one shirt, one apron, and one pair of pants in the dryer. I pulled them out just as I was heading out the door for work, and was disappointed to note that my apron didn't seem to have gotten very clean at all. I was halfway to work before I realized that perhaps the apron wasn't so clean because I forgot to add detergent to the wash cycle.

There was a recipe in the paper today for "Dutch Baby". I laughed, and pointed it out to my husband, who immediately quipped, "Take two Dutch people..."


Kelsey Catherine said...

don't you love days like that? I went to class once, early morning one, dead tired, and my girlfriend leaned over and whispered to me "i think you forgot something today" I went without a bra..and for me, that is not such a good idea

twilighttreader said...

I think you actually only need one Dutch person to make a Dutch baby. Citizenship laws usually grant it to offspring, even if the other half of the parentage is from elsewhere.