Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Excerpts from My Diary: Volume Two

July 26, 1989
Today was terrible. Danny pushed me in the lake twice, and he and Aaron and Tim found you (they didn't read you) and my brother told them that I liked Aaron. Aaron said that he would burn you if he got his hands on you so I was running for about 1/2 an hour and got really tired out. Later, when I was resting (well, sort of resting I was "RELAXING") I heard the dog barking. It didn't sound that bad to me so I just yelled to her to be quiet, because whenever I go to shut her up, I leave then she starts barking again. How could I know that she would brake the screen of the tent? Now I'm being blamed! Bye!

November 21, 1989
Dear Diary, I haven't written to you in a very long time because I was afraid someone would find something personal in you, so I just didn't write. But today, I had something so important happen that I just couldn't let it go. While we were crossing the street after my doctor's appointment, another car hit ours. It totally smashed in the passengers window. My mom is feeling terrible because it was her fault. She only saw a car about to hit her on the left, so she stopped and a car hit her from the right. Marecca, a girl that we babysit, was in the passenger seat, and if it weren't for a bar that goes through the door, both she and I would have been badly hurt. Luckily no one in my car was harmed, but an 80 year old lady in the other car hurt her leg. P.S. Please pray for my mom. She feels awful. Bye!

November 28, 1989
I'm in Adam's group for a radio show, and to record it I have to go over to his house. Audra and Taylor are going as well. I do not love him either. he's not even my friend. He's always telling dirty jokes. Today I had CLC, and I made a graham cracker house. I'm not allowed to eat it untill tomorrow because I need to take a picture of it whole to give to Barb. P.S. Taylor likes me, but he won't admit it. I don't like him either. ZZZZ

December 13, 1989
Dear Diary, are you bored of me writing "ZZZ" at the end of each entry? I am! Goodnight!

December 15, 1989
Dear Diary, tonight I'm at Angie's. I won't write anything private because she is listening to me mouthing this. As soon as I close you I won't fall asleep because I'm not tired. In that case I won't write ZZZZZ at the end of my entry. goodnight ZZZZZZ
P.S. I told you I wouldn't write ZZZZZ, I didn't I wrote ZZZZZZ. Goodnight!

Volume One


Kate said...

You asked your diary to pray for your mom. Seriously, LOL!!!

Christy're said...

Ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

Oh life was so fun when we were kids, wasn't it?

Kelsey Catherine said...

That is the cutiest thing i've ever read. I find it hilarious when you go back a read the silly things you right about your life when you were little...i've wrote some pretty weird stuff