Sunday, June 25, 2006

I wasn't cool in high school

I wasn't really uncool, either, though. I was just kindof on the fringes. Some of my friends were cool, and some of the cool people were my friends. I was an actor, but never funny enough to be on the improv team; on the debate team, but I never won a trophy. I wasn't unhappy in high school, although I wrote my fair share of emo poetry. I was a good student, but never first in my class. I never cared enough about one thing to pour myself into it to the exclusion of everything else, so I ended up being spread moderately thin between several different activities, content to be somewhat involved, while always being jealous of those who knew what they wanted enough to just be a Rugby Player or a Singer.

I just finished reading this article on BlogHer, and it brought back all of those old feelings from high school. I'm really the same person on the internet that I was in high school, aren't I? I like to think about theology, but I don't want to have a religion blog. I dabble in crochet, coffee, reading, writing, cooking, politics, law, etc., but not enough to pour my blog into those topics to the exclusion of all others. And while I have met some great people through my blog, and there are a number of people who read my blog, I'm not exactly a "popular" blogger. And I doubt if I ever will be, because why should the internet judge me any differently than my classmates did? I know I'm not cool. I'm content to be on the fringe of the blogosphere. Or at least I will be as soon as I finish writing this emo poem about it.


Anonymous said...

That sounds a lot like me, actually. I was on the debate team (was fairly good but not tops), was the yearbook editor (more for the privaleges it gave me and for the respect of the teacher who led it than talent though), in one or two dramas that I was a no-name character, on the tech team for a year until I had to admit I couldn't understand that stuff at all, and a bunch of other things. I wasn't popular, not even remotely... At my school you had to be particularly smart or particularly athletic to be popular, and I was neither, though I DID pour my heart in volleyball. I loved it... ah well. I'm actually rather glad I had a low key life then. I tend to like annonymity more than popularity these days, though I do wish I could be more outgoing. Poetry isn't a bad thing... just don't go all emo on us. And at least some of us has a semblance of faith to lean on. You should be applauded for that. Cheers on the blogging. Care to recommend a good coffee for severe depression?

Anonymous said...

"I wish my lawn was emo so that it would cut itself."

Christy're said...

Hmm, I was just like you--not really cool, but not uncool either.

Go Tweenies!

Novac said...

I was ultra-cool in school, it's just that no one else knew it.

I've been meaning to tell you about a podcast/videocast that rocks. I think you'd probably love it, but I could be wrong. It's called Hope is Emo, and it's made by the same guys who do Ask a Ninja. If you don't love it, I apologize.

And now, I will end with a Ben Folds Five quote from "Underground":

I was never cool in school
I'm sure you don't remember me
and now it's been ten years
I'm still wondering who to be
and I love to mix in circles,
cliques and social coteries,
that's me
hand me my nosering (can we be happy?)
show me the mosh pit (can we be happy?)
we can be happy underground