Tuesday, July 04, 2006


I've been such a busy girl. I'm onto week three of working two jobs, and it caught up to me this weekend in the form of a nasty cold. I think I can safely predict that I won't be blogging much for the rest of July. I have plenty to say, but I find myself too tired at the end of the day to write it all down. So, in the interests of freeing up some brain space, I'm going to pseudo-blog: information with little esposition. Here goes...

Starting last weekend: It rained all weekend, then all day Monday and Tuesday. Lots of chaos at camp, moving activities indoors and playing lots of dodgeball. Tuesday morning, Jer's symptoms returned, and he missed work again. We took him to a different doctor who told us many things that the first doctor neglected to mention and/or didn't know. Got another prescription for more antibiotics. Jer missed the rest of the week of work.

Wednesday, there was severe flooding due to all the rain. My day camp and Jeremy's work are both in Fort Washington, which was basically unapproachable due to flooded roads, so camp was cancelled, and most of Jer's coworkers stayed home. I slept all day Wednesday, until I had to go in to work at the store. In a way, the flood was a blessing, because I was emotionally drained from Tuesday, which was the two-year anniversary of my father's death, on top of being the day Jeremy got sick again and the most hectic drizzly camp day ever.

Friday, I had another board games day at the store, which no one really came to until a few coworkers near the end, so we played Settlers and went out for dinner. Saturday was Canada Day, and we had an awesome, thrown-together at the last minute BBQ at Penn Treaty park, which had an excellent view of the fireworks that the city of Phildelphia was gracious enough to put on for my country's holiday. I also received my first-ever Canada Day presents from Rachel, including a loaf of Canadian white bread. Rachel rocks.

Today was the Fourth of July, which meant that I doped myself up enough to act un-sick for a family party and the Slowest Closing Shift At The Store Ever. I am currently waiting for midnight, which is when I can take my next dose of drugs, then go to sleep.

I apologize in restrospect for the boringness of this entry.

P.S. Congratulations to Katie and Mike on the birth of their daughter, Isla! (Katie is the slightly less pregnant woman featured in the pictures of my Ottawa trip. Jenn, the much more pregnant woman featured in the same photo set, eventually had her baby, a boy named Dominic, on May 27, 18 days after the very pregnant picture was taken. I somehow forgot to mention that here.)

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