Sunday, July 23, 2006

Is Jule Ann still alive?

Some of you have asked me how I am doing, so here is a purely informative, boring, uninsightful post.

Jer is doing a bit better, but he is still only well enough to go to work and that's it. He has an appointment with a specialist in August, after his insurance kicks in, which will hopefully shed some more light on the situation. His antibiotics have almost run out, so if he isn't 100% better by now, I think it's going to take something else to finish the healing up.

Perhaps prayer? My pastor asked me today if a few members of the church could come lay hands on Jeremy and pray for healing. I'm so appreciative of this church and the support it gives us. Seven members came over after church today and prayed for Jeremy and I, and then four of them stuck around for an impromptu dinner party that consisted of some Peace a Pizza's and a quickly assembled salad. It was a great time.

Last night was a great time, too. After over a month of working two jobs, and not having a single day in which I wasn't working at one or both of them, I was starting to feel the effects of not having a sabbath to rest. So I got a co-worker to cover my Saturday shift at the store for me, and went and hung out with some friends at Jon's house, who had just acquired an eye toy for his PS2. Much eye toyey fun ensued. We ate all of Jon's food, played word games, talked, and laughed until 2:30 am. I needed that.

So, in response to the "How have you been?" question, tired, busy, but happy. Both jobs are going well, although I don't know that I ever want to do the two jobs thing again, and am looking forward to camp ending this Friday. I am getting very excited about the Yarr camping trip the second weekend of August, and I have booked off the first and third weeks of August, too, hoping for some kind of fun (maybe camping with the cousins?) one and hoping to attend a family reunion in Letchworth state park the other. I'm sorry for being a delinquent blogger, as well as blog-reader. I've been trying to keep up with my blogroll, but my feed page just gets fuller faster than I can read lately.

Until August, then,
Jule Ann.

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twilighttreader said...

Glad things are holding together, and that Jeremy's been able to get into work. Enjoy the camping, it's far too hot for me to sortie outside unless absolutely necessary!