Saturday, June 03, 2006


I was about to compose an entertaining piece about our frustrating multiple trips to the DMV this morning ending in neither one of us successfully obtaining a Pennsylvania driver's licence. But stories of bureaucratic inefficiency are so cliché. When I go to a government office, am told that all my paperwork is in order, and leave a few minutes later with the desired object of my visit in my hand, I'll write about it. That would be a story worth telling.


twilighttreader said...

When I registered the Jeep in my name, I had to drive to an out-of-town DMV (since the Buffalo one had lines backed up out the door at 8am), take the license plates off the Jeep, wait in line, be told I had the wrong paperwork, put license plates back on the Jeep, drive home to get it, drive back, take the license plates off the Jeep, wait in line, and finally be finished. All on very, very little sleep.

Kate said...

I seriously told the exact story you are talking about right here

Christy're said...

Hee hee! SO TRUE!