Saturday, March 24, 2007

What's So Great About Saturday Night?

I just finished my first, proper, 9-5 work week in a long, long time. Each day, I made coffee in the morning, took a lunch break in the afternoon, and ate dinner at dinnertime. I battled rush hour traffic twice a day. (Which, by the way, could be an entire blog post unto itself. How can the same commute take 40 minutes one day, and then an hour and 15 minutes the next? How come, when they give the traffic reports, there are always unexplained slow spots? I could understand a delay caused by bad road conditions, or an accident, or if the slow spots were always at the same places, but it seems like people just randomly decide to go slower for several miles, then speed back up again. Crazy.)

I have mixed feelings about being back in the ranks of people who work normal day jobs. I miss the flexibility of being able to take a long weekend whenever I want to, or to book off a random Tuesday because a friend is going to be in town, or to just be able to run errands mid-week when everyone else is at work and there are no lines at the bank. But it's nice to be home at (about) the same time every evening, and to be able to make plans in advance, and to, theoretically, sign up for Wednesday night karate classes and other such things. And it's really nice to have the same two days off every week as most of my other friends. No more Saturday nights of having to work while all of my friends have amazing fun times without me!

Except that here I am, home alone, blogging, on a Saturday night. What's wrong with this picture? Someone needs to take me dancing. Right. Now.


susie said...

If I lived closer we would paint the town but since I don't, I really hope you found something awesome to do tonight ;)

Dan said...

Welcome to my life. If you weren't foolishly 3,000 miles away, we would definitely go terrorize the clubs.

Novac said...

That theoretical Wednesday night karate class must be held at the theoretical fitness club I have a membership at.