Tuesday, March 27, 2007

On Weekends

Okay, so you know how I was kindof sortof complaining about having nothing to do on Saturday night? I'm sorry about that. I was trying to make a completely different point, and it came out whiny. Here's what I wanted to say:

When you work shift work, every day of the week is pretty much the same as any other: you may have to work, or not. And you learn, gradually, that fun can just as easily be had on a Thursday evening as any other time - especially if you happen to have Friday morning off. And yet, magically, after only one week of having a normal work week, I fell immediately back into the old habit of feeling like a loser for not having something "special" to do on a Saturday night. Silly Jule Ann.

It's not like I completely wasted Saturday, either. I had worship team practice in the morning, then ran a bunch of errands and bought a bunch of groceries and found the natural food store and made chili for dinner. That's a pretty productive day, even if I didn't do much with my evening.

Besides, Sunday completely redeemed Saturday night. After church, about 10 of us went out for lunch, then headed down to the city to sort children's books for a church there that has an after-school tutoring program for underprivileged kids. And then I went home and made beef stew, and several friends came over for dinner. Then, everyone hung around the kitchen while I chopped fruit for fondue. And everyone mocked me while I completely screwed up the first batch of chocolate. (Fortunately, I had back-up chocolate.) And we chatted and had fun and played Apples to Apples and stayed up too late. And it was awesome.

So the next time I start to complain about being bored on a Saturday night, smack me, then remind me that the weekend's not over yet. And then come over for fondue. I make tasty fondue. Sometimes even on the first attempt.


Anonymous said...

Jobs affects on weekends are funny. This weekend I had someone tell me how lucky I was to work at a venue because I am at concerts every weekend. Not that I ever was a person for going out and being wild and crazy, but now my days off, usually Sunday and Monday, I just want to spend quiet time at home. Going to see Bob Dylan in concert begins to feel like work. Although when we went to see Roger Waters last summer I did know all the tricks to get around the lines, but the whole time I was there I was thinking like a house manager, and managing the event in my head. That's something they never tell you in college, your job choice messes with your ability to enjoy weekends.


susie said...

It sounds like you had a lot of fun on Sunday! I'm glad.....and now I am hungry for fondue but I am still of the chocolate until easter ;)

Anonymous said...

i would like to come over for fondue...except that I live eight hours away in Buffalo. =) am perhaps thinking of coming to Lancaster in June for whatever that's worth...and yeah, I know what you mean about shift work...this weekend is the first actual traditional weekend off that I've had since mid-December, and I just don't know what to do with it...