Sunday, March 11, 2007


Someone once said that laughter is good for the soul. Probably. It sounds like something someone would say, anyhow.

This weekend, my soul has been doing really well.

Friday night, playing games with some friends from church, I didn't stop laughing for about four hours. Laughed so hard it hurt, and on occasion, I couldn't quite breathe. I was having such a good time that I ignored the time, repeatedly, until I finally decided that I would need to go to sleep right then if I wanted to get three full hours of sleep before work.

And then the sun came out on Saturday, and rather than taking a nap on Saturday afternoon, I dragged the hammock outside and lay in the fresh air and sunshine for about an hour, enjoying the smell of the thawing mud of Spring. That's pretty good for the soul, too, I expect.

But, apparently, I still had more laughter in me. And when a bunch of us went out to dinner at the brewery in Manayunk, we were laughing enough to make our table a target for a wandering magician. Who, incidentally, was quite good, and kept us laughing for about an hour non-stop. So much laughing this weekend. So much fun.

And now I'm wondering if this sore throat I have developed over the weekend is more due to the nasty bug that everyone else in my house seems to have caught, or my lousy sleeping habits over the past few days, or, quite simply, to all the laughing. I hope it's all the laughing. I would wear this sore throat like a badge of honor. Anyone can catch a virus, and anyone who is more sociable than responsible can go without sleep, but it takes a special person to rip her throat laughing.

It's probably something boring like "all of the above", though. Stupid viruses.


susie said...

The warm weather has been so nice!!! Sitting in the sun is definitely good for the soul :)
I hope you feel better soon!!

timollie said...

Sorry I didn't call you back this weekend, Jule!
Tim had had a very long day, and I was in the midst of a major headache.
Keep trying to find us, though - one of these times we'll be able to meet up :)

jd said...

I sure hope the free coffee includes Canada 'cause I'm heading over there tomorrow to claim mine!