Friday, August 25, 2006

Yay, Ocean!

Spontaneous trip to the shore today. I love having an ocean less than two hours away.

Some thoughts:

  • I need to get a sunscreen in between 30 and 8. Last time I wore 30 and came home white. Today I wore 8 and came home red. (Or maybe I just need to reapply after swimming in violent waves.)

  • Something in the currents or weather meant that there were 700 billion jellyfish at the shore with me today. It wasn't so bad once you got out past the first few breakers, but it still was a bit of a damper on the fun. I think one stung my ankle. It's kindof stingy.

  • On a windy, currenty day, you can't just float on the waves, or you end up a mile away from where you started.

  • Stardust makes for a fantastic read-aloud.

  • If you are someone who loves being in the water, the best beach company is someone who enjoys it as much or more than you. I think we easily spent more time in the water than on the sand. That's a proper beach day in my opinion.

  • It's not a trip to the shore unless you stop at WaWa on the way.

  • You can entertain yourself for hours trying to retrieve what you believe is a giant conch shell which is under just a bit too much water and protected by just a bit too strong currents. It's the one that got away (and I have an injured toe to prove it).

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