Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Internet Geekery

Today, a friend of mine set up a streaming online radio station just for me so that I could listen to the same MP3s as him. I love having geek friends.

Some days, television commercials are more entertaining to me than the actual shows. I shouldn't admit this, considering where I work, but I love Dunkin' Donuts' summer ad campaign. But I can't help that, I would love a poop on a stick ad campaign if They Might be Giants was writing their jingles.

Unfortunately, I do not need coffee, so the Dunkin' Donuts ads won't be having an effect on me. I do, however, need a cell phone and a credit card at some point, so I might just have to succumb to the influence of the two best ads on television right now: Cingular's not fighting mom and daughter and American Express' Roddick vs. Pong. If you haven't seen these commercials yet, thank the internet gods for YouTube.

Always glad to be a good consumer.


Kate said...

I heart the not fighting girl and mom. Every time it comes on TV, I'm tempted to rewind a watch again. It's almost as good at the Nextel ad with the dancing tech guys.

Anonymous said...

Heh heh. Hadn't seen the Pong commercial. Cute, but, in case you really start to consider it...don't succumb to AmEx! You'll find a lot of places won't take it (including Trader Joe's) because they charge a higher percentage rate. I guess the benefit is better rewards to the consumer, but you'll need a back up card to avoid being severely inconvenienced on occasion. Sorry - you probably weren't looking for suggestions - that's just my gut reaction to that card.

EarthenForge said...

Opps - thought I put my name on that.

Anonymous said...

thanks for posting those, jule ann. I agree, most of the time the commercials are much better than the tv programs themselves, and its been interesting to live for a month and a half without tv...as I just moved and managed to convince my roomate to wait a month on getting cable. Why not put off a bill that's totally unnecessary as long as we can? For awhile I found myself filling hte airspace with NPR, but now i'm back to getting my news on the internet and just playing cds and hte occasional radio station...but its kind of nice to catch up on a few nifty commericals...even if I have no intention of buying either one. Granted I've heard teh Cingular one on the radio, but its not as enjoyable as watching the video.

Rocket Surgeon, Phd said...

Truly! I keep waiting for TMBG to cash in.