Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Three Months Old!


Dear Dorothy,

You are three months old, now!

Actually, you are almost 3 1/2 months old, as I am once again late with my letter. I have a really good excuse this time, though. The day after you turned three months old, you had surgery to repair your cleft lip, so we've been a little pre-occupied. But that's a whole other blog post I haven't gotten around to writing yet.

But let's go back in time in my brain and pretend I am writing this letter on January 20.

Three months old!

I knew today would be my last chance to do a photo-shoot before your surgery, so I took a lot of pictures. I know you will still look adorable after your surgery, but I've become rather fond of your face with the cleft, and I wanted to capture it one last time for posterity. Three months will seem like such a tiny portion of your life one day, sooner than I'm ready to admit, but right now, three months is your entire life.




You continue to be a very happy baby. You started laughing early this month, and your sister and I love singing you songs and making you giggle. Your favorite song is "If you're happy and you know it," so we tend to add lots of extra verses to keep it going. You love watching us make funny faces and make funny voices. You've also started to enjoy tummy time, ever since Valerie started to get down on your mat and play with you. It's really cute watching the two of you read and play together.



The first half of this month was pretty busy. We spent Christmas at Nana and PopPop's house, then we traveled to Bergen to visit the Keith Davis clan for New Years. Grandma met us in Bergen, too, and Auntie Trish, April, and Jakie. Even your Uncle Jimmy, who lives in Alaska, met us in Bergen! It was a fun trip. We made a few side trips while we were there, to visit Mommy's friend Aaron for his birthday, and the McMaster clan on New Years Eve. We even got to visit Mommy's friend Nicki, and you got to meet Zenaida, who is only two days younger than you.

With PopPop on Christmas morning:

With April:

With Uncle Jimmy:

With Zenaida:

The second half of the month was pretty boring. We went to the zoo, then we all got another stomach bug (probably from the indoor playground at the zoo), and then Mommy got paranoid about you being sick for the surgery, and we all went into self-imposed quarantine for the rest of the month. The only fun thing we got to do during the second half of the month was a combined birthday party for your Mommy and Daddy, but that was just with the family. Being in quarantine was no fun, but it worked, because you managed to stay healthy enough for your surgery.

In a dinosaur egg at the zoo:

Showing off your standing skillz at the birthday party:

The biggest milestone this month was that you managed to consolidate your many morning catnaps into one, solid, morning nap. That was nice for a little bit of stability, and occasionally, Mommy is even able to do some dishes or take a shower in the mornings, now. You're still letting me get a pretty good amount of sleep at night, usually sleeping for two or three longish stretches. Your gassiness has gotten better, too, so we can usually stay in bed and nurse lying down for one of the night-time nursing sessions. That's really nice, because Mommy is a big fan of staying in bed at night.


You've also started to take notice of toys this month. You still like looking at faces more than toys, but you do enjoy looking at your toys, and spend a lot of time talking to them. It's very cute. You love to talk, and I swear I can make out words on occasion. Like "Hi" and "Valerie" (okay, maybe it was more like "ah-uh-ee" but both Valerie and I thought it sounded like her name).


You're a bright and beautiful little girl, and our family is blessed to have you.




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What a beautiful family! Lovely post with wonderful pictures of an adorable Dorothy! Thanks for always sharing!

Alana said...

Yay Dorothy! Can't wait to meet you in person, you look like such a happy little girl.