Friday, February 25, 2011


So, I finally sorted through Dorothy's drawer and purged the too-small clothing (again). I gotta say, I am looking forward to the "not outgrowing clothing on a weekly basis" age. Mostly because I am too lazy to sort through her clothes often enough, and tend to just dress her in whatever is sitting on top because it just came out of the wash.

In this week's purge, I found several of my favorite outfits from Valerie's baby days, and I sadly moved them directly to the too-small box. I also found the cute "little sister" outfit that my in-laws bought for Dorothy when she was born. I had stuck it in the bottom of the drawer, because it was so huge, and wouldn't fit her for ages.

The hat was too small, the pants were almost too short, and the top just fit. Oops.

I tried to do a "sisters" photo shoot, but we'd all had a long day, and the girls weren't feeling overly cooperative.




Oh well. Maybe I'll get a couple more wears out of the little sister onesie, and maybe even another photo-op.

And I bought a bunch of hangers so cute outfits stop getting lost in the bottom of drawers.


Alana said...

Try again when they are pre-pubescent, I think that's the same size I saw on a 13 year old at the mall the other day.

jd said...

@Alana....good plan!