Thursday, February 03, 2011


Valerie went to sleep late last night. And woke up early this morning. So, even though she hasn't been taking naps very often lately, I was sure she would take one today. I even managed to get Dorothy to sleep at Valerie's nap time - the holy grail of two-kid parenting.

I tried to lie down and take a nap myself, but Valerie wouldn't stay down. Every few minutes, it was something else. "I have to go peepee in the potty," "I dropped my cup and I can't reach it." I was tired and starting to get fed up. I gave her some books, and told her to stay in bed and read. It worked for a few minutes, then she was up again. After about an hour, I decided that she could just play quietly by herself while I rested my eyes. I knew I wouldn't sleep, because I would be mentally analyzing every noise to piece together what she was up to, but it would be better than nothing.

Then it got quiet. Which usually means trouble. So I went to check on her. I opened the door to discover that she had emptied out both sock drawers.


"What are you doing?"

"I'm looking for my socks!"

And then I started laughing. I had to.

"I think you found them."


Dorothy would be waking up soon anyway, so I might as well give up on the nap. I grabbed the camera, and we had an impromptu photo shoot.




And we played hide-and-seek (when did she get to be old enough for hide-and-seek?). And I even got to rest my eyes for a minute by hiding in the bed.


I think, sometimes, you have to be firm as a parent. And other times, you just have to roll with it, or times like this will slip you by. She won't be two forever. (Thank goodness.)



jd said...

You have definitely captured the essence of parenting (i.e "she won't be two forever..." seize the moment).... spontaneity makes for the best play times...I know that from experience! And what a great photo shoot! Love that kid (and you, too!!!)

christianlady said...

Beautiful. I know that numb feeling when you just want to put them in a corner and demand they let you sleep! I sometimes loose my cool. Good going on keeping it together and making a magic memory rather than a regret!

Sandra said...

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