Monday, January 12, 2009


There was a time when this blog had more words than pictures. Then I got a nice camera, then I had a cute baby, and suddenly, words became nothing more than context for pictures. That's life for you. Someday, this blog will probably swing with the pendulum back to talking about life again, rather than simply about baby. Until then, here's another baby tidbit. With pictures.

Whatever inner ear thing it is that makes babies like to be thrown* in the air seems to have developed in Valerie recently. She now loves the bits at the end of lap songs where I bounce her high "over the fence", rather than just loving the general singingness of the whole experience. She likes to arch her back and hang upside down, too. At first I thought it was just an imbalance thing, that she was leaning too far back, then not being able to get back up. But she seems to like it upside down, and resists my attempts to right her until she has jolly well had enough, thank you very much.


In an unrelated note, have you ever noticed how, when you look at someone's face upside down, it kindof looks like there is a second face on their forehead?


*Not literally thrown. Don't get all paranoid and call Child Protective Services on me.


jd said...

Love the upside down photo and the humour!! At least THIS blog reader loves the baby updates!!!

Anonymous said...

She is such a beautiful baby :)