Saturday, January 10, 2009

Another note for Valerie's baby book

First food: Acrylic

Maybe I shouldn't have let her chew on Dolly's hair quite so much. I found a little blob of red fuzz in her diaper yesterday. It passed through her completely unscathed. In fact, when I was folding the diaper laundry this morning, there was the little blob of red fuzz, washed and dried, and still completely unscathed. Note to self: build apocalyptic bomb shelter out of Dolly's hair.

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Anonymous said...

Did I ever tell you the story of Alana and the artificial pine needle? She was 6 months old, and we thought it would be cute to pose her in the middle of the strewn branches before set-up of an artificial tree for our Christmas photo. Next morning I pulled an intact pine needle NOT from her diaper, but actually on its way out TO the diaper! WE couldn't believe it didn't inflict any harm enroute!!!
Now pine needles are one thing, but I'm surprised in this safety-conscious day and age that the dolly actually shed!!