Friday, May 26, 2006

Late nights and later mornings

I just got back from serving caramel macchiattos to high school kids at an after-prom lock-in. It was so much fun. I wish my high school had done that.

In order to prepare my body for staying up until four today, I went out last night. Okay, fine, that wasn't the real reason. I hadn't been out in ages, and I hadn't seen Erin since Christmas, and I hardly ever get to wear my fishnets. But the bedtime stretching was an added bonus, as I don't think I would have made it tonight without having slept in until 1:30 today. It was a blast. And, although I did get a bit lost finding the place, I found my way home without even having to look at a map, which made me feel really good.

Now, I have two whole days off in which I really should try to get some things done. But I probably won't.

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