Monday, May 22, 2006

Did You Miss Me?

I just got back from the airport, where I said goodbye to Sarah after spending a fantastic five days gallavanting about with a girlfriend for the second time in two weeks. I wish I could bookmark this page of my life and come back when it's normal and boring again. I guess that's what journals are for, eh?

I'm leaning towards not giving a full-on detailed breakdown of what we did on our travels. Thursday and Friday were spent in New York City, Saturday at the Jersey shore, Sunday relaxing and visiting with family, and today visiting a few of the famous Philadelphia landmarks. There, consider yourself informed. I did keep a notebook log of all the various things we did on our travels, but re-typing that list would make for a very boring entry. Not that this entry is really much better, but at least it includes sentences and punctuation. (Because we all know that punctuation is the number one criterion for good bloggery. ?[.;??.}.,":!, See? Now this post is awesome!)

I'm going to make an effort to update my 100 words blog with some verbal snapshots of things we did in NYC. It was my first visit to New York, and I feel like I have enough observations to fill a book. There would be normal touristy observations, like how Times Square is so unbelievably bright that midnight feels like midday, and how the subways all smell like urine, and how the Statue of Liberty somehow makes even a Canadian feel a surge of patriotism. Then there would be the more experience-specific observations, like how it pays to know someone in New York, because maybe the best Thai food is in Queens, and how if you're at the top of the Empire State Building when there is zero visibility you can still tell in which direction New Jersey lies because the fog over there is yellow, and how it doesn't pay to listen to internet rumours because U2 isn't really playing at the Apple Store Opening, and how your tourist dollars really are best invested in food.

I bought a cheap, pink "I Love NY" t-shirt and had a wonderful time. Oh yeah, and we watched Sam Rockwell filming a movie in Central Park. Oh yeah, and it turns out there is a Chinatown bus that travels between Philly and NYC for only $20 round trip, so that was a nice money saver!

If you have ever had the misfortune of being in the same room as me when I return from vacation, you'll know that I have an amazing knack for rambling on and on and on. So before I add on any more "Oh yeah"s, I'm going to sign off. Goodnight!

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Novac said...

You were gone so long, I have to quote the title of your blog and ask, "Who is Jule Ann?"

I think this post had more "Oh yeah"s than the Kool-Aid Man.