Saturday, September 22, 2012

Everything Is Possible When You're Four

V: When we get home, can we pack up some sandwiches and drinks and cheese sticks and other good food, and some warm clothes and coats and blankets, and build a spaceship and go to a planet where it's always cold and build an igloo and live inside of it?
JA: That sounds like it would be a lot of fun.
V: Do you know how to build a spaceship?
JA: No, actually, I don't.
V: I know! We can watch Wallace and Gromit, and then we can learn how to build a spaceship!
JA: That's a fantastic idea!

(later, while watching Wallace and Gromit)
V: (quietly, to herself, taking mental notes) Okay, you have to saw the table...

V: Did you learn it, mom? Can we build a spaceship, now?
JA: I'm sorry, sweetie. It's not really that simple. You can't actually build a real spaceship in your backyard with wood and a saw. You need millions of dollars and a whole team of researchers and engineers.
V: But we can build a spaceship in our FRONT yard!

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