Monday, June 01, 2009

This is why I'm a bad blogger

This is my Memorial Day weekend, in point form, to demonstrate part of why I am terrible at blogging.

-Thursday morning, work at 5
-Thursday afternoon/evening, spend time with Jer's parents and grandparents (who are visiting from out of town), dinner at Ruby Tuesday's
-Friday morning, work at 5
-Friday afternoon, necessary nap
-Friday evening, Jer's cousin's wedding, 90 minutes away. Home after midnight.
-Saturday morning, sleep in a little bit
-Saturday afternoon, picnic in the park, volleyball
-Saturday evening, dinner with Jer's parents and grandparents
-Sunday morning, church, get there early to drum with the worship team
-Sunday afternoon, necessary nap
-Sunday night, go out for a coworker's birthday, home after 2
-Monday morning, work at 5:30
-Monday afternoon, family barbecue
-Monday evening, gaming until well after midnight
-Tuesday, no work, collapse into a quivering mass of recovery.

It sure was fun, though, but who has time to blog in the midst of all that? On the upside Jer has finally finished the massive computer project that he was working on that was preventing me from uploading and editing photos and videos. So, I can finally post pictures again! On the downside, I now have 60 minutes of video clips and 3.5 gigs of photos to sort through. I may find time next month. Maybe.

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benjiesluv said...

I can't believe that you can stay up that late :D I'm wiped by 9. Also, getting behind on photos/videos is the worst. Even I keep putting it off most of the time!