Saturday, May 16, 2009

A passel of partial posts

I've had thin, fine, straight hair my entire life. Now, crazy hormones are making it get thicker and curvier. Of course, it's not making nice, pretty curls, though. It's made two random kinks in useless places, and I just look like I've been wearing a tight hat or something.

Valerie cut a tooth today. It's on the top, right, but not in the middle. Is it weird to get side teeth before middle teeth?

For several months, we have been using sign language with Valerie. We don't do very many signs, but I have been fairly consistently doing "mommy" and "milk" when I ask her if she wants to nurse. This morning, she quite clearly made the sign for milk, so I nursed her. We were both pleased. She made her first sign! She gave me milk! Then, she kept making the "milk" sign all day, for "pick me up", for "I want my mommy", for "wet diaper", etc. I think she's just super excited at learning her first word, and now she wants to use it for everything. Or she made the sign by accident, and got super excited at how much attention I gave her for doing it, and wanted to keep getting that attention. Either way, it's still really cute!


AtmptGrace said...

Jenna got her bottom two teeth first, and then both of the side teeth on the top. We called them her fangs. She looked like a jack-o-lantern. But it is completely normal.

Jessie V. said...