Friday, September 05, 2008

My baby has E.S.P.

She may have been asleep for five minutes, 15 minutes, or 45 minutes. She may look like she is completely out. But if Mama decides to take advantage of her sleeping time and squeeze in a nap, she is completely awake the minute my head hits the pillow. It's not just my imagination, either, I have had guests witness this happening!

She may have eaten five minutes ago, 15 minutes ago, or 45 minutes ago. She may refuse to eat when I try to feed her. But if Mama decides to make myself something to eat, she starts asking to nurse before I get to take the first bite. I currently have a pan of semi-cooked bacon and a burnt pancake sitting on the stove, with their respective pans turned off until some unknown point when I will be able to finish making my breakfast.

It's like she has a sixth sense. I wonder if she sees dead people?


Rebecca in Houghton said...

Ha! I can totally relate! In MANY ways, four-month-olds are so much easier than newborns, but Jenna, at least, still has impeccable timing.

christianlady said...

My 4th born had an uncanny ability to know if I was in the house. Seriously. I rarely left, but if she was awake she wanted me. However, she would sleep for me for decent periods of time. When I would step outside though, on the porch, she'd wake immediately. She did this probably until about 6 months, so this meant I could not leave the house and Daddy could not watch her. I left when she was 4 months old to do an errand that would take less than an hour, and had a car wreck. She cried for me for hours until I came back. It had to be momma or no one.

I hope you get a nap soon without baby.

jd said...

It's not's m.c.p. (Mama, come please)and sometime you will be looking back and have fond memories of when she so needed you! Enjoy this's so short.