Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine's Day

Jeremy bought me this shirt for Valentine's Day:

It goes really well with the fetus he gave me for Christmas.


Dan said...

Next you have to get it fuzzy d20s to help in making important life decisions.

Will save vs. staying up crying all night... failed!

susie said...

I totally love the shirt. Makes me wish that I had one when I needed it!

jd said...

Very neat T-shirt! Tell Jer I said so!

benjiesluv said...

LOL...OMG, what a Jule Ann and Jeremy shirt! It's funny about the fuzzy D20s too because Benjie keeps talking about getting them for "someone" though he knows better than to get them for us! Who knows...maybe you're little one will get them for Christmas next year! I hope that Jeremy did some shopping around for your fetus. You want to make sure you get the right one ;)

sarah said...

holy mackerel!!!! Congratulations!!

I know I'm super-late, but I've been blog-suppressed recently!


Anonymous said...

A fetus? Is that all it is? Geek? Wow some people hope and pray to have a baby and can't and you are given a gift and call it by those names. How upsetting.You have a BABY. Fetus is a name used by abortian activists/supporters. Someone such as yourself who says they are religious to use that term is insulting. Are you one of those liberal types who only thinks its a baby after 9 months? Typical Canadian socialist. I'm quite disappointed and have read your blog for the last time. I hope the BABY is healthy.

Anonymous said...

Holy cow... that comment was rude from KE.

I thought it was a funny punch line too. Ugh.

Fetus, isn't that just French for baby anyway or am I wrong?

I am sorry, I don't read this particular blog enough. I think you are fine using the term fetus for your child. It's an accurate term.


sharon said...

I'm insulted you used that term too.


Geeks are people too, you know.

sharon said...

I'm hoping you caught the sarcasm in that last comment...

ally said...

you're right, fetus definitely made for a funnier punch line.

and it's not like you called it a slab 'o' cells or a genetic blob or a prenatal nightmare. that might have been offensive. or utarian zombie. you know, since it eats your brain.

ooooh if only anonymous had a journal. i'd so misinterpret it to death in vengeance of your awesome geek fetus. which i love very much.

some people just can't take a joke.


Joshua A.C. Newman said...

Man. I love the Internet.