Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Return of the Delinquent Blogger

I keep telling myself, this is it. This is the time I go back to blogging for good. And then another month passes.

I don't have a great excuse. Chalk it up to writer's block, I guess. Or chalk it up to the fact that somehow, although we moved nine months ago, I have yet to settle into any kind of routine in the new place.

I'm an adventurous sort of person. I'm all about last-minute road trips and spontaneous parties. I've always loved taking breaks from the routine. But I guess I never really realized before how much I need a routine in order for those breaks to have value.

No New Year's Resolutions for me this year. But a general goal for 2008: Find a rhythm for my life. Find a way to work and blog and eat balanced meals and see local friends regularly and email distant friends regularly and visit family as often as possible because my little nephew and future niece will be big before I know it.

I'm blogging today because I had an unexpected two days off. We visited my family in Canada this weekend, and I had booked off a five-day weekend, but Jeremy wasn't able to get any extra days off, so I'm finishing off the last two days of my long weekend at home. Yesterday was spent in a predominantly vegetative state - I turned my brain off and watched TV and read blogs and accomplished absolutely nothing productive. I needed that so badly. The last time I had any solid days off without scheduled activities I was so sick that I just slept and felt awful and didn't get to enjoy them at all.

It's funny, because it's not as if I have been without ideas for my blog. I would say that I compose a post in my head at least three times a week, and never get around to writing it. I had one about the dreariness of November rain and James Taylor and why snow, while cold, at least makes the world bright. I had one about my new favorite non-menu drink at Starbucks - pink lemonade. I had a whole bunch about idiot drivers. I had one about a wedding, one about Thanksgiving, and a couple about Christmas. But I don't suppose any of them will ever get written now. The window is past.

I'm not going to promise that my dry spell is over, that I'm suddenly going to start posting three times a week again. But I miss blogging, and I want to come back, and it's not going to happen unless I make some effort. This is step one of that effort. And, if nothing else, it's a reminder to me of how much more I enjoy blogging than watching crap on television.


bluebird16 said...

Welcome back, I've missed your blogging.

Dan said...

This is me, encouraging you to blog more, because we seem to primarily interact through each other's blogs, and I've missed you.

xenomouse said...

Hooray for openId!

Brian said...

Yay! Happy to see another post from you, miss jule. And maybe, one of these days, it will be me calling you, instead of just my phone.

jd said...

I'm sure you can't believe me saying this (nor can I believe I'm saying this!), but I, too, missed your blog entries....it let me know a little more of what was going on in your life! But blogging doesn't have to be every day...just check in with some pithy comments now and again. Then don't put yourself down and for not doing it more often! And you're right...it probably IS better than a lot of what is on TV!!