Tuesday, June 05, 2007

By way of letting you know that I am still alive

Blogging is a strange world. I miss writing in it and reading in it. But my life has been crazy lately, and I just haven't had the energy to blog for a multitude of reasons. Sometimes I'm just too busy. But more often than not, I have a blog post written in my head, but by the time I get to a computer to write it down, I don't feel the same way anymore, and what it seemed like I wanted to say before no longer seems like what I want to say. Last night, I was going to just sit down for hours and write it all out, but my husband beat me to my computer, so I didn't get to write anything and was left with my frustrated brain lobes swollen and blue.

But seeing as blogging is such a strange world, my own intellectual frustration at not being able to write is only part of the problem. I feel like I owe something to the people who read my blog, because I invited you into my life, for good and for bad, and I know that many of you think of me and pray for me and genuinely care about me. And I want to keep you in the loop.

Since I have to be at work in a few minutes, I know that I won't be able to vent my writing steam, but at a bare minimum, I can satisfy some measure of curiosity about what's happening in my life. Albeit disjointedly...

Jeremy is finally better, after almost a year of being mysteriously sick. He is also finally employed, after almost as long being out of work. He is working at a job that he loves at a university in Philadelphia. I am still working at the law office, and I still won't be blogging about my job. We are still living at the Chrysalis, and a few bumps aside, things are going pretty well there. LOST is over for the season, but my Wednesday night crowd will still be getting together for weekly dinners, and it looks like the RPG we've been planning is finally actually going to happen, over a year after discussions first began. We're still going to our church up in Glenside, and we still love it, even though the trip takes us almost 45 minutes each way. Our walls are still purple, and we still love them. We got a second table for our dining room so that we can fit up to about a dozen people sitting at once. We had Jeremy's parents and grandparents and a few miscellaneous extended family members over for dinner this weekend, and it was a good time. This summer will be my ten-year high school reunion, if the planning ever gets off the ground. I may or may not be coming up to Ottawa for that, depending on when it ends up being. I hope to make it up to Ottawa for Canada Day weekend, so if you're going to be in the area that weekend, let me know, and we can try to meet up. This weekend is my six-year wedding anniversary. I had a whole post written in my head about going to Valley Forge for a semi-surprise anniversary picnic the weekend before last but, alas, it got lost on the way to typing it.

And, alas, that is all I have the time to write.


Kate said...

Yay! You and Jeremy are both gainfully employed! Yay! Jeremy is better! Yay! You're still alive.

YAY for Jule Ann!

Anonymous said...

Good update, even if it was shorter and less detailed than usual. I worried about Jeremy's health, and am glad he is better. You both having jobs gives you a chance to live a bit more comfortably or live tight and save for future issues that come up. I think it does a man good to feel his job is important. I don't want to sound sexist, but I think men do actually feel more worthy of respect when they are working and helping with the support. I know you loved working at the coffee place, I just hope your newest job has some rewarding points.

Dawn (Christianlady)

Mike said...

Very glad to hear that Jeremy is feeling better. Odd how these things happen.

My wife was born and grew up in Glenside - which church are you attending?

Jule Ann said...

Thanks for the encouragements, everyone :)

Mike: We attend Resurrection Community Church, formerly known as First Baptist Glenside. Small world.

Ashley said...

hooray for jeremy's job -- i know that was a stressful situation for both of you. i SO love the idea of the community living. my husband would never go for it so i will just have to read & live vicariously through you, ok?

i had my 10 year reunion last summer, helped plan it too. it was a blast. i hope yours is as much fun.

susie said...

Very happy to hear that your husband is feeling better and that he is back to work. I am also glad that you took the time to blog. I missed your updates ;)

heidiann(e) said...

to all these thoughts and so many others,
here's to you jule ann!

hip hip hooray!
hip hip hooray!
hip hip HOORAY!

sarah said...

it's nice to post a good news post if that's what you have! much love your way!

Emily said...

Tag, you're it!

disa said...

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