Sunday, May 13, 2007

A Passel of Partial Posts

I love the purple walls in my house. I will love my house even more when we finally get our shelves this weekend so we actually have a place to put things, and when we get our bed so we can stop sleeping on the floor on an air mattress. (Edit: I wrote this several days ago, but didn't post it yet. Bed and shelves acquired, many things still remain to be put away.)

Okay, I'll admit, it's not always easy, but the benefits of living in community far outweigh the stresses. We take turns making dinners and lunches. The other day, I opened my lunchbox to find a napkin with a note from Erin, "JuJuBi, Jesus loves you. Make good choices. Love, Mommy." It kept me smiling the rest of the day.

The next three weeks or so promise to be just as busy as the last few. I might not be around the blogosphere too much. I apologize for that.

I swear, I had about 10 partial posts to write when I started this, but now I don't remember what the other ones were.

Oh yeah, one of them was this: Twice, I have posted pictures of my baby nephew, and neither time did I mention his name. I'm too subtle. I put his name in the labels section only. Sorry. His name is Trevor. Trevor Jaden. Or, possibly, Trevor Jay, if he wants to be a DJ when he grows up. I'm rooting for Trevor Jay.


susie said...

I am glad you are enjoying your new living arrangements :)

jd said...

I was in someone's house over the weekend that not only had a 2-toned purple bedroom, but orange den, green bathroom and 47 windows in the house!!!
Glad you're enjoying your living arrangements....sounds like fun. I think your nephew should be called TJ.