Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Happy Canucky Turkey Day!

Yesterday was Canadian Thanksgiving. One of the cool things about being a dual citizen is that I can justify celebrating both harvest holidays. But then again, I don't usually need much of an excuse to want stuffing. Mmmm... stuffing...

The first year of my marriage, we were living in Fillmore, NY on Canadian Thanksgiving. I decided to make cornish game hens, for which I procured a tasty sounding recipe from my boss at the Genesee Falls Inn. They were delicious. (Ha, you thought you were going to get a crazy, disaster, first year of marriage cooking attempt story. Fooled you. The only "disaster" was that we decided to make the hens at around dinner time, which meant that we didn't actually eat them until about 1:00 a.m. But frankly, for us, that is more normal than eating on time.)

I never actually wrote the recipe down, but I have made cornish game hens with sausage corn bread stuffing at least once a year since then. It has somehow become the unofficial meal of celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving in the USA for us, as well as the unofficial meal of having just had turkey a few weeks ago, and also month before that, so let's have something else for Christmas dinner this year in Canada. But yesterday, I was scheduled to work an unprecedented, normal person, 9-5:30 shift at the store, which meant that I would not be at home during those afternoon hours when I would have to do the meal preparations. Sure, Jer and I don't mind eating dinner at 1:00 a.m., but his parents are schoolteachers, and they don't share our flexible eating schedule. It would have been silly to make a Thanksgiving dinner for ourselves and not the whole family, so I decided not to bother.

We finished our project at the store a little bit early, so I came home at 4:30 p.m. instead of 5:45. Jeremy greeted me at the door.

"You're home early!"

"Yeah. But unfortunately, not early enough to make a turkey dinner."

"You don't have to. How do cornish hens sound?"

Jeremy had not only remembered that it was Canadian Thanksgiving yesterday (although the fact that I put it on the family calendar probably helped with that), and he not only remembered that I like to make cornish game hens when in the USA on that particular holiday, but he also managed to almost perfectly replicate my stuffing recipe from memory!

It was a wonderful meal. It tasted like being loved.


EarthenForge said...

How sweet! :)

philhassey said...

mmmm stuffing. thanks to you i just found a two year old box of stuffing in my larder that i might just have to consume this evening ..!