Sunday, April 03, 2016

Hour-A-Day April 2016: Day Two

My first HADA project today was actually picked by the kids. They found a jar of coins and decided to play "bank". Seeing this as an opportunity, I grabbed the coin wrappers and taught then how to count and roll coins, just like real bankers! Later, once they had wandered off, I dragged out the rest of the random jars of coins and finished rolling them myself. In the end, today's first HADA project earned me $102. Double win!

Most of the rest of the day was pretty unproductive. I did clean the clutter shelf where the coins had been stored, though. I discovered a terrifying Tupperware underneath some boxes of tea. Whatever was trapped inside had completely liquefied, and the lid was bulging about as far as possible without popping off in a shower of green and blue goo. I carefully placed the entire thing in the trash can. That's a mystery I don't mind leaving unsolved.

I had the house to myself from the afternoon on, and I chose to split most of that time between napping and reading. It was wonderful. But right before bed, I had a strong desire to accomplish one more thing, so I finished cleaning the kids' room and vacuumed their floor. Then that looked so good, I brought the Lego tables back into their room and glued the base plates on (a project that has been on my to-do list since Christmas).

Pro Tip: If you glue the base plates flush against each other, the edge is just a smidge too small and you won't be able to build across the joining lines. But, if you use Lego bricks to lock the base plates together as you are gluing them, you will get the exact spacing you will need.

And now, it's time for a little bit more reading and sleep, my two favorite activities in life right now.

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Miranda Fuller said...

We have had lego base plates that are patiently waiting to get glued too. We purchased them before Christmas but started to use the table we picked out daily, oops. We will get there.Thank you for that Lego bricks idea!