Sunday, March 29, 2015

Hour-a-Day April: Day -3, "The List"

April is threatening to start out (and end (and middle)) on a very busy note, so I thought I might try to get a jump on HADA a few days early. I have been making The List. And let me tell you, it's a bit daunting. Because, in addition to this list, I will also be preparing a Passover seder for my church, celebrating Easter with my family, doing a Badge ceremony for my Girl Scout troop, having a sleepover with my Girl Scout troop, and going on an overnight Girl Scout training (wow, this really is a Girl-Scout-heavy month!)

Anyhow, I decided to post The List here on my blog this year. It's a long list. I highly doubt that I will get through it all. But it all needs to be done, so I will do my best and plug away at it. I will probably come back and edit The List as I go, as a visual reminder of my progress (or lack thereof).

Jule Ann's HADA List 2015

Updated: April 8, 2015
*do before April if possible

  • menu plan* (half done)
  • grocery shopping* (half done)
  • multi-meal prep
  • catch up on laundry* (almost done)
  • catch up on dishes*
  • clutter hot spots:
    • metro shelves
    • game shelves
    • kitchen desk
    • kitchen island
    • third floor girl scout stuff
  • clean my room
  • sort outgrown/winter clothes
  • get guest room ready for Grandma*
  • sew couch cushions
  • repair broken books
  • get garden ready:
    • make drainage trench
    • turn soil in front garden
    • transplant seedlings
    • create backyard garden area
    • plant shady grass seed in side yard
    • mix sandy soil for carrot pots
  • scrub and fill sandbox
  • fix roman shades (tried one trick, didn't work, back to the drawing board)
  • weather-proof kitchen door
  • make photo books
  • make measuring stick
  • purge third floor toys
  • take down Christmas lights
  • replace light bulb in hallway
  • replace smoke detector batteries
  • clean stove
    • inside
    • outside/top
    • under
  • level stove legs
  • organize/purge Valerie's kindergarten papers
  • make compost sifter
  • sift compost for garden
  • move composters
  • take out ALL the recyclables
  • clean side porch
  • tidy and sweep front porch
  • make a household budget
  • track all spending for the month

Things to work into my everyday life:
  • eat breakfast
  • make bed
  • clean kitchen table after eating (instead of right before the next meal)
  • empty sink before bed
  • read Bible
  • go swimming (2-3x/week)
  • get on Wii Fit
  • make lunch before bed
  • prep breakfast before bed


Robyn McMaster, PhD said...

Hope you will be able to cross quite a few things off your HADA list, Jule Ann. I admire your target for productivity.

Em said...

I fee tired after just reading your list! I know how good it feels to cross things off though, and to look around and see finished projects. I'm going to get started making my list tonight. You are starting HADA early. I might start it late, like possibly after Easter.

Trisha Davis said...

Thanks for the reminder. I need to level my stove off too! :D Hope you can get all the stuff done on your list and maybe your mom can help you out with some of it. Happy Easter to you all. Miss you guys!