Monday, November 18, 2013

Happy Halloween!

I got crafty this Halloween. Crafty in the "making stuff" sense, not the "tricking people" sense. (Although I suppose it was a bit of the latter since I managed to convince my three-year-old that it would be cool to dress up as a monster from a TV show she has never seen.)

The Littlest Doctor Who:

From Halloween 2013
Wig: I crocheted a skull cap, then wove yarn through it to basically make a larger version of Waldorf doll hair.
Suit jacket: Thrifted and dyed.
Bow tie: Made with ribbon, using this tutorial (although I used a hot glue gun instead of sewing).
Sonic screwdriver: I was going to crochet a plush sonic screwdriver for him, but decided it would be even cooler if it actually lit up, so I made a cover for a flashlight. I just kinda winged it on the pattern, starting with a circle big enough to wrap around the flashlight, and working in rounds, increasing/decreasing as needed to make the correct shape. For the "wings", I joined at the top, and worked 6 sc into the side, in a line towards the bottom. ch 1, turn. sl st, 2 sc, hdc, 2 dc, ch 2, join to original joint with sc. Repeat x4. (I think that's right - I wrote it down as I was going, and lost it.) It has a flashlight in the middle, with a clear blue lego brick and bead hot glued on the front to make the point blue.

Close-up of sonic screwdriver:

From Halloween 2013
The Cutest Weeping Angel Ever:

From Halloween 2013
From Halloween 2013
Dress: Upcycled Peasant skirt of mine with shot elastic
Wings: Poster board with strips of t-shirt to fasten on
Sleeves: White stockings with toes cut off, and a head hole cut in the crotch
Headband/halo: Crochet (just a chain with one row of single crochet up and down each side of it)
Hair: Curling iron and white hairspray (I only managed to do the front; You try styling a three-year-old's hair!)

Three Musketeers Barbie:

From Halloween 2013
Valerie was very indecisive about what she wanted to be this year, mostly asking for "boring" (to me) things like a princess or a ballerina. So, when she asked to be Three Musketeers Barbie, I jumped on it. What a unique costume choice!
Tunic: Pink t-shirt with sleeves cut off, cross pattern cut out of felt and attached with iron-on backing
Hat: Family Dollar - somewhat successfully reshaped, and replaced hat band with pink scarf
Sword: Dowel from a flag wrapped in duct tape

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heidiann(e) said...

Your baby is so adorable in that photo I can hardly stand it.