Wednesday, January 16, 2013


I used to love January. New year. Clean slate. Resolutions. The cold, clean, crispness of winter. And a birthday to boot.

Now I hate it. I don't know if this change happened when I moved from Ottawa's winter wonderland to Philadelphia's dreary grayness, or if it was having kids that did me in, but January sucks, now. Not even my birthday can redeem it.

The kids are still crazy from holiday overload and we've all got variety of colds and infections. The house is a mess. Our daily routine, long abandoned for holiday flexibility, has been spilled out and lost. And I am just. so. tired. Every day, I pick a battle. Do I tackle the dish backlog? Take the bored kids somewhere fun? Work on a neglected project? Clean up the living room again? But whatever battle I choose, the forces press in on every other front, and I feel myself losing ground daily. It doesn't seem to even matter if I just curl up in a ball and do nothing. It's not like the house can get much messier.

Add to all this the fact that we're supposed to be moving in a few months, and it's really hard to find any time/energy/motivation to pack for a move when there are so many more immediately pressing needs to be addressed.

I don't know where this post is going. I started writing it in the hopes that I would turn my negativity around, and find a positive twist for the conclusion. I didn't.

January sucks.

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