Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Hour-a-Day April: Day 31

What's that? April has only 30 days? Oh well, too bad.

I don't know where it came from, but I found some motivation again today. That pile of relocated clutter from the car was sitting right by the front door and bugging me, so I put almost all of it away. I found a new place for the girls' dress-up clothes (which had outgrown their current bin), and tackled the kitchen (again). That kitchen has been the bane of my existence for most of April, and I think it is a big part of the reason I didn't get around to as many of the sorting projects I had hoped to do. There's something about getting the kitchen *completely* clean that makes keeping it clean so much easier, and I never reached that point once all month. Even doing a little bit every day doesn't seem to cut it when you are also adding to the mess every day - it just maintains the messy status quo. And that is disheartening, and makes me not want to do even the little bit every day for a while, which just sets me back again. It's like the definition of a vicious cycle. I still didn't get there today, in spite of running two full dishwasher loads, and washing several big pots. But I'm close. And I don't want to admit that HADA is over unless at least my kitchen is clean.

I didn't have to make dinner (hooray for Casserole Club!), so I used my normal dinner prep time to finally un-rearrange the living/dining room from Friday's movie party. I vacuumed the dining room area, and half of the living room area (it's really all one room, but I like to pretend it's two), and cleared off the dining room table so we could eat on not-TV-trays.

Daily Total: 2 hours
Monthly Total: 32 hours and 10 minutes

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