Friday, January 07, 2011

A Tale of Two Cities: The Poop Edition

So, sometime between birth and the Christmas holidays, Dorothy went from a happy, frequent pooper to an "I think I'll hold it in for three days even though it makes me uncomfortable" kind of kid. Takes after her mom, I suppose. Her MO is generally to poop several times on Pooping Day, with the last poop of the day being a massive poop volcano that just seems to keep going and going while you are attempting to change her. The day we left for Rochester was a Pooping Day, and just as we were about to load everybody into the car, the Poop Volcano came. I thought, "How convenient, no more pooping for the first few days of vacation!"

Then we got to Keith and Sharon's house, and someone else was holding Dorothy, and they told me they thought she had pooped. I said, "No, she pooped before we left, she probably won't poop for several days. It's probably just gas." It wasn't just gas. She pooped three more times that day, and continued to poop, and poop, and poop, for the rest of our visit. She had one last, big, farewell poop just as we were getting ready to leave. I almost thought, "Great, no pooping in the car!" but I remembered how dramatically she had proven me wrong the last time I thought something like that.

That was Sunday. Today is Friday. Would anyone care to guess how many times she has pooped since we got home? If you said zero, you win!

It can't be the weather, because it was cold and snowy in Philly when we left, and it got warm and all the snow melted while we were in Rochester. It can't be something she ate, since she has had nothing but breast milk the entire time. I wondered if it might have been something in my diet, but the change came on too instantaneously for that. And the only real difference in my diet was that I was eating a lot more Christmas cookies while I was there. Especially my aunt's peanut butter M&M bars. Hmmm... Maybe I SHOULD blame my diet. Obviously, peanut butter M&M bars are the key to infant regularity. I guess I'll have to make some myself. You know, for the baby. This is her health we're talking about, after all.

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