Sunday, August 29, 2010

One of those annoying "sorry for not blogging" posts

Sorry about the total lack of posting here recently. I have been quite busy and quite pregnant, and my laptop power cord died so I have to find toddler-free time to hide away upstairs with the desktop in order to spend time online. Needless to say, I have been spending significantly less time online. It's been nice, in a way. I've been outside a lot more this summer than last summer. But I do miss blogging. It just seems like I can always find something better to do with a spare hour, if I manage to scrounge one up. At some point, though, I would like to get around to writing a birthday letter for Valerie, who is now 2, and a baby birth-date-guessing contest. Until then, you will have to be content with a link to Flickr, where you can piece together the many activities of our busy summer in photo form, and, in a few minutes' time, a belated consignment sale list.


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jd said...

I never gave up looking for a blog posting!