Friday, December 19, 2008

A few notes for Valerie's baby book

On December 12, Valerie was 15lbs 13oz and 25.5 inches. That puts her in just about the 90th percentile for a four month old. Pretty good for a baby that stayed in newborn diapers for six weeks.

We upgraded from the bucket car seat to the convertible car seat this week, which should last her until she is old enough to drive. It was getting too cumbersome to carry such a big baby in a bucket seat, anyhow. Much easier to just carry her or pop her in the sling.

She's got a runny nose right now, and it is making her miserable. She's a bit better today, so hopefully we're on the home stretch.

On the way home from shopping yesterday, Valerie was crying in the back seat. In an attempt to comfort her, I reached back and touched the only part of her I could reach - her shoulder. She reached up with her hand and grasped my hand, and calmed down.

She is starting to use her hands to put things in her mouth. On Wednesday, she put a little toy that was attached to her shirt in her mouth, and today, she grasped the handle of a teething toy I was giving her, pulled it out of her mouth, kept holding onto it, and a few seconds later, put it back in her mouth all by herself!

Today, while I was changing her diaper, I said "Hi" to her and she said it back to me! Well, she made a noise that started with "H" and mostly ended with "i". I know it's not "talking" but I still think it's pretty cool that she's repeating sounds.

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jd said...

Watching babies develop is such a joy! Can't wait to see for myself!