Tuesday, August 14, 2007


It's been a while since I checked my statcounter, and even longer since I blogged about it. I know it's dorky and overdone, but I find it amusing, so bear with me as I post a list of what keywords have recently brought people to my blog:

  1. jule ann wakeman

  2. how do you make a starbucks strawberry blended lemonade

  3. starbucks black and white mocha

  4. the most complicated starbucks drink ever

  5. jule ann

  6. i am happy letting you know

  7. confessions o a starbucks barista

  8. starbucks drinks number of pumps shots

  9. starbucks barrista hacks

  10. starbucks cool drink combinations

  11. starbucks white mocha 2 pumps

  12. starbucks

  13. how many calories in starbucks peppermint mocha frappuccino, no whip

  14. creative starbucks drinks

  15. starbucks drink statistics

  16. blended strawberry lemonade starbucks ingredients

  17. multicultural being

  18. black and white mocha starbucks

  19. jule, annwashington

  20. calories starbucks strawberry lemonade frappuccino

  21. salvadoranean tamales

  22. make starbucks iced white mocha

  23. trichenosis

  24. number of syrup pumps in starbucks

  25. starbucks drink calling

  26. making decisions for myself

The moral of the story? I really should blog more about Starbucks. And less about trichenosis.

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