Sunday, April 04, 2010

A Proud Mama Moment

Valerie was sitting on my lap before church this morning, playing with my necklace. I often tell her the word for items she shows interest in, so I told her it was a "cross". After I repeated "cross" a few times, and she didn't repeat it back to me as she usually does, I began to wonder if she actually knew another word for it, and was just trying to remember it. So I tried "necklace" a few times, still with no response. I tried to think of another name that might ring a bell for her, maybe "chain" or "jewelry"? Before I could come up with a good alternative, though, she brightened up and said, "tee!" Tee? Did she mean "tree"? I gave her an inquiring look, and she confidently said "tee" several more times. Then it hit me. She could be saying the letter "T!" A cross really does look like a lowercase T, doesn't it?

She has been playing with her Alpha-Bug more often recently, and she does ask for that "Learn to Write Your Letters" book a lot. But up until now, I just thought she liked the sound effects and the pictures. Could she actually be starting to learn her letters? She's not even two! But, if I have learned anything since becoming Valerie's mother, it's that anytime I think I'm giving her too much credit, I'm usually not.

So, when we got home tonight, I got out the Alpha-Bug and asked her to point to the T. She pointed right at it. I'm sorry for doubting you, my little genius.


jd said...

Way to go, Valerie!!
I miss you!

Alana said...

That is very cool!